Company Timeline

A respected tradition of excellence.

Our legacy is nearly a century in the making.

Company Timeline

We trace our origins back to the first quarter of the 20th century.


H.L. Hunt started his oil and gas career in El Dorado, Arkansas.

H.L. Hunt played an active role in developing the East Texas Oil Field at the drill test of the Daisy Bradford #3.

H.L. Hunt drilled the LA Central No. 9, which led to the discovery of Olla Field in LaSalle Parish.

H.L. Hunt discovered the Nebo-Hemphill Field in LaSalle Parish by drilling the Goodpine A-1.

HL Hunt drilled the first well in Alabama the No. 1 Jackson.

W. Herbert Hunt and Nelson Bunker Hunt discovered the Sarir Field in Libya, which is one of the largest oilfields on the African continent.

Placid International opened the Dutch North Sea with the discovery on Block L 10/11.

Placid Refining purchased the Port Allen refinery in Louisiana.

Petro-Hunt drilled and completed the world’s first medium radius double lateral horizontal well in South Texas.

  • Through six strategic acquisitions in the Williston Basin (2), South Texas, East Texas Louisiana & Mississippi, Petro-Hunt purchased 348 wells producing 20,650 BOEPD that laid the foundation to become one of the top Private Liquids Producers in the United States.
  • The two fields in the Williston Basin were later developed for the Bakken/Three Forks formation starting in 2006 and currently produces 33,700 BOEPD from 223 wells.

Petro-Hunt drilled the first North Dakota medium radius double lateral horizontal well, with each horizontal having dual laterals.

Petro-Hunt drilled the USA No. 2D-3-1H. This well has produced just over 2 million barrels of oil and is the highest producing well in the state of North Dakota in the Bakken/Three Forks formation.

Petro-Hunt operated up to 16 rigs in the Williston Basin and became one of the top Liquids Producers in North Dakota.

Petro-Hunt purchased 119,000 net acres and 246 operated wells from SM Energy in the Williston Basin.

Petro-Hunt purchased over 21,000 net acres and 63 operated wells from Admiral Permian in the Delaware Basin.
Fall 2022

Petro-Hunt acquired 4,000 net acres in Loving County Texas with 33 wells producing, 1,500 BOED in a series of acquisitions.

Petro-Hunt acquired a contiguous block of 7,500 net acres in Ward County Texas with 32 wells producing, 3,300 BOED.

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