More than just an oil
and gas company.

Exploration and production, oil refining
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Game Creek Ranch Is Committed to the Future

Breeding ranch and exotic wildlife refuge.

Game Creek Ranch, LLC is an affiliate of Petro-Hunt, L.L.C. and is located in Bosque County, Texas. The ranch comprises over 4,600 acres and is enclosed by 21 miles of 8-foot game-proof fence. The ranch is a game preserve under a White-Tailed Deer Management Program. It is home to considerable wildlife native to North America, including white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, bobcats, wild turkeys, quail and other native species. There are five lakes and over 30 stock ponds that serve as stopovers for ducks and geese on their annual migrations.

The ranch maintains an active Brangus cow/calf breeding program. Horses are also raised and trained on the ranch property.

Game Creek Ranch also breeds and raises several rare-to-Texas and endangered species that either roam free through the ranch or are provided a home in the over 700 acres of specialized area enclosures that closely resemble their native habitats. Exotic species that call Game Creek home include the Arabian oryx, dama gazelle, Tragelaphus eurycerus (Lowland bongo), Bontebok, Gemsbok, kudu, Addax, Axis Deer, sable antelope and the more common blackbuck antelope. The endangered species breeding program strives to maintain breed integrity by avoiding crossbreeding and harmful environmental impacts, and aims to preserve exotic species from extinction.