Environment and Safety

The environment and
people come first.

Sustainability and safety are key to longevity.

Petro-Hunt is committed to safe, efficient and effective development of our energy resources.

Our top priority is the safety of the environment, the communities where we live and work, and our employees and vendors. To achieve these goals, we operate in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements and appreciate the importance of working with fellow citizens, governmental agencies and others to develop our oil and natural gas resources in the most environmentally responsible manner. We pledge to comply with all applicable environmental regulations.

As a company, we're putting the environment, community and the safety of our personnel first and foremost.
Bruce W. Hunt Petro-Hunt President

The well-being of our personnel is our utmost priority.

No other consideration outweighs the safety of our employees, and we strive to ensure our employees have the resources needed to succeed on the jobsite. Our commitment to bettering people’s lives doesn’t end there. Petro-Hunt also prides itself on being very active in local communities, supporting numerous community events and serving many charitable events worldwide.