Grounded in the past.
Focused on the future.

Building on a proven legacy, Petro-Hunt is more
than just an oil and gas company.

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Petro-Hunt, L.L.C. is founded on a tradition of excellence tracing back to one of the world’s most successful oil and gas families.

Through Petro-Hunt and our subsidiaries, we have been an active operator in the energy industry for over 100 years, and we rank among the Top 10 Private Liquids Producers in the U.S.

Our legacy is nearly a century in the making, but we’re building upon that success by expanding our operations and investing in diverse industries that position us for the next hundred years.
About Us
Top 10 U.S. Private Liquids Producer
Update Over 230,000 Net Mineral Acres owned in the U.S.
Over 250 Employees
13 offices across 4 states

About Us

Where we work.

Petro-Hunt operates in several prolific resource plays across the U.S.